Mental Health Pathway: Assess Programme

Thank you for booking the Mental Health Pathway: Assess Programme £2225

The Mental Health Pathway has been created with our practice Psychiatrist. This 4 week programme is time for you to get to know all the practitioners who will be supporting you in your health journey. 

As you start this process we will ask you for the following 

  • A patient summary from your GP 

  • To fill in the health questionnaire before the appointment to help your practitioners to help understand your story.  

  • An open mind to explore what is needed for your health 

At the end of this process be able to 

  • Understand what your potential root causes are and how they are all interconnected. 

  • Understand where you are with your nutrition and what if any changes are needed to support you and how your body is currently working. 

  • Make a start in understanding what are the challenges you face in making lifestyle changes that are beneficial to your health and well being. 

We do advise people to consider the Access and Transform Programme as this includes the implementation support of all the recommendations that have been recommended. 

We are excited to start this health journey with you. 

In Health,

The Dr Indra Team

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